Technology and psychiatry

Has anyone wondered why a sizable number of people are on “ mind altering prescriptions”?
Has the prevalence of psychiatric ailments gone up? Most of you probably agree that these have.
For those of you who believe in the genetic predisposition as a cause of mental illness – which there is ample evidence for some disorders such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Alzheimers’s and many more-I would pose a question if there are any genetic mutations going on say because of environmental factors? Well in all honesty one could not rule that out -technically called epigenetics.
However, if one tries to explain psychiatric disorders, with few exceptions such as Huntington’s disease, purely on genetic basis it would be too simplistic.
My effort in this short blog is to explore the socioeconomic causes of increased prevalence of mental illness.
There are many – I would consider these in this series of blogs.
I want to begin with the role of technology, and I would urge you to include the restrictions it imposes on the human life even though it’s proponent would propose it as ultimate utopia and would expect you to believe that one day it would offer a” cure”.
I would strongly recommend you read a seminal article by an Italian philosopher Umberto Galimberti “ man in the age of technique” to understand the drift. I plan to use that as a cornerstone to explore the increased prevalence of both “ official psychiatric illnesses say per DSMV as well as unofficial mental anguish of living”.


  1. Ashok nagpal says:

    A much needed beginning. Shall wait eagerly for further enunciation of the fascinating role of technology in mental health restoration especially from your early training in child psychiatry.

  2. Ajay Garg says:

    Technology enticed mind focused on a screen keeps one from ambulating. Extremities move but due to restlessness. Their bodies turn and toss in the bed due to insomnia. Sleep deprived, restless mind needs psychotropics.

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