Technology and psychiatry 2

Technology has made possible to manipulate neurochemistry and electrophysiology of the brain and thus affecting mood, thinking, perceptions.
So basically, we have developed short cuts – in the past such manipulations were determined by the psychosocial milieu. These tools are psychotropic medications, brain stimulation either by strong magnets or weak electrical current( more commonly known as ECT)
Here is the punchline- technology has systematically disrupted the social rubric as well as connection with nature. As put by Umberto Galimberti “ the dominion of man has reduced the nature to a small conclave”.
To help us understand- I would mention a story by E.M. Forster written more than 100 yrs back “ The Machine Stops”. It’s science fiction but it would not be far from reality of 2021.
Let’s enumerate the high tech gadgets like “3 D printing” “ remote working through Zoom” “ virtual reality gadgets” and this was in the news that iPhone be outdated in next few years when Apple brings it’s wearable gadgets.
Going back to the story- what really shocked me was the fact that “ athleticism” was an unwanted trait because such people wanted to walk around and exercise but the space was limited since people were forced to live in catacombs because the surface of earth was “unlivable”
Without digressing into manic “ flight of ideas”-let me invite you to think about the implications of the use of “self driving cars” “ robots” has on our natural instincts ( which BTW are poorly developed in us humans) ; and bio-physiology.
We really have not evolved at all from our forefathers 50 thousand years back.
To put it more bluntly- technology enfeebles our instincts.


  1. Ajay Garg MD says:

    What we don’t use we will loose. We don’t use our cardiac muscle, we loose the strength. We loose the strength in the muscles of ambulation. We sit we loose. We gain weight and anxiety.

  2. camili67 says:

    I believe that every era is characterized by events/situations that force us to change and evolve into something else…. unfortunately almost always for the worse. The only way to face with and preserve our cognitive capacity as humans, as sentient beings who still live thanks to the Natural and Animal world (also called biosphere), and certainly not from the technology (technosphere), is to develop awareness and critical sense of what happens around us .
    This would lead human to be an actor in this new landscape and not a mere servant.
    The mind, being an elastic, spongy and flexible tissue, welcomes with greater pleasure what is served to it on a ready-made plate…
    Spirituality can help us to reconnect with Nature, which in my humble opinion, is the only truth we have for living happily.

    1. Trikalsun says:

      Well said!

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