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My name is Sunil K Bhatia. Born and brought up in India. I was a practicing psychiatrist in New Delhi, India before migrating to the states. Finished further training in Brooklyn, New York and the Psychoanalytic Institute of New York. I have been in the upstate South Carolina since year 2000.

I am board certified in Adult Psychiatry and have worked in both the Community Mental Health setting as well as in the private sector.

My area of interest include philosophy, literature, psychoanalysis. My take on psychiatry is to “ connect the dots of biology, psychology and sociology “ to help with the “ human condition and it’s travails”

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  • Philosophy in motion !
    Applying philosophical knowledge to get more out of life involves integrating philosophical principles and ideas into your daily practices and mindset. Here are some practical ways to do so: Remember that applying philosophical knowledge to your life is an ongoing process. It involves continuous learning, self-examination, and the willingness to adapt and refine your beliefs and practices as you gain new insights. Philosophy can serve as a valuable guide to help you lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life by aligning your actions with your deepest values and aspirations.More
  • Test relating anxiety
    Exam Eons ago” my teacher professor Agnihotri gave me this “mantra” that your parents would let you come home even if you fail the exam! It has always worked – I failed and failed and they never closed the door on me! Just being facetious! But the reality is that I did have my share of failures! Biggest one was when I passed all my USMLE’s and had bunch of interviews lined up to get into a psychiatric residency but the visa officer failed me in the “visa exam”. My parents still let me come home. I embraced my failure and by sheer stroke of luck, few months later, I … Read moreMore

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