Algorithms and psychiatry

I admit that it’s little “tacky” to view life vis a vis algorithms but it’s my effort to take into cognizance “the ever evolving technology” and the impact it’s having on our life.
In “non algorithmic” life the “dictates of religion” the challenges posed by nature determined how we lived.
However, nature having been contained in a small conclave and the “religion” to the places of worship we need to come up with our own “unique dictates sans algorithms to feel connected to “what life is about”.
For the starter- let’s see how the simple algorithms are generated? Since, I have no background in programming I could share only a broad sweeping statement that it involves giving the computer “ binary instructions” ( that’s the only language computer understands – “0”s and “1”s- a zillion permutations and combinations) – around a problem and then instructions around the “ answers to the problem” computer comes up with.
It’s very boring and tedious job for the computer but it doesn’t get bored or frustrated with the wrong answers.
To this I want to add a little anecdote or it may even be a legend about Thomas Edison . As the story goes – he failed 600 times with his experiment to make a “light bulb” and everyone counseled him to give up this “expensive” mission. But his response was “ hey those failed experiments tell me that those 600 ways of dealing with the problem were wrong and we should be very close to “the right” answer since there could be only limited solutions to a problem. Believe me or not,this is how the algorithms are generated – these machines are generating random solutions hoping to “slay the right one” not unlike the hope, that there exist a possibility-doesn’t matter how small -of writing a work of Shakespeare if a bunch of monkeys are given typewriters who could f* their brain out punching the keys zillion of times.
But… we are not monkeys and we don’t have zillions of failed strokes available to us and furthermore we all are not striving to be Shakespeare.
So, rule number one -before we start on a path of failures which, if we have enough time ,but we don’t since we all are mortals, is to really know who we are and what and why we want something.
This comes forth only if we become “aware”
It’s the awareness which comes when we “meditate” on our desires, fears, fantasies, and so on. All of this is inside of us. We are not yet talking about outside of us- which is the world of science, money, politics, power and so on.
In my next blog, like a monkey on the typewriter NOT!, I hope to come up with the next rule.

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