Psych- tech 4 “disclaimer”

I feel impelled to state a “ disclaimer” that this series of blogs are not purported to be anti-technology. This is an effort to look at “technology” – which according to the Italian philosopher also includes “rational thinking”, dispassionately. Some of you may not associate rational thinking with technology but most would agree “ algorithms” to be part of technology as this what the AI is about.
What I am inviting the readers to ponder upon is “the belly of the beast”.
How technology disrupts health?
Going off tangent a bit I want to introduce you to “ Roseto Study”. This study was more of an investigative journalism done way back in 1960’s and then followed up few decades later. It clearly established that immunity against heart disease in this community was not because of better genes or healthy food habits but the “interdependence of a closely knit community”.
A similar multination study done by WHO in 1970’s likened better outcome of schizophrenia in what were then called “ developing nations” where “interdependence” was more prevalent.
I don’t know how many believe that we are already living in the age of AI which is “antithetical” to communal interdependence as it is “non-personal and algorithmic”

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